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I was exhausted and absolutely did not have the energy to unpack the reason they used that word or to let them know how uncomfortable it made me feel. So I just let it go. Because honestly I can't break down subtle and even overt sexism every time it rears its crappy little head. If I did, I would just collapse from exhaustion every single day. But it's been bothering me.
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Is it ever OK to say the word c**t?

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Cat-calling – who’s the real pussy? | Cherwell

It was mainly from women. This intrigued me. Language is our thread to the past. Vulva refers to the clitoris, outer labia majora and minora but not the vagina.
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In Ireland the word "cunt" isn't offensive

Facebook Maria 'Masha' Alyokhina was sewing police uniforms in a sub-zero prison camp when she met Alexander 'Sasha' Cheparukhin - the co-producer of the show Pussy Riot: Riot Days, which she's performing at the Adelaide Fringe. It was and Masha had been sentenced to two years imprisonment for staging a punk rock performance protest inside a Moscow cathedral along with other members of Pussy Riot. The official charge was "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.
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Q: How is a pussy like a grapefruit? A: The best ones squirt when you eat them. Q: Why is a vagina just like the weather?

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    another bombastic feature

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    Seriously who is she omg

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    When friends or girlfriends ask me What do you mean by BDSM?, I point them to this video...and they mostly don't talk to me again. Fine by me.

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    I want someone to look at me like she looks at him in the last 2:17 of the video

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    Her face does not get destroyed. I need to learn to not always assume the video title is really descriptive

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    I love Kelsi! I'd wished I had a chance to fuck her like there's no tomorrow.

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    I wanted to keep it dry in case he pulled it

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    The chinese tattoo on the guy's arm says poor...

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    is it just me or does kimmy look a lot thinner now?? (either way shes fucking unbelievable)

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    That was amazing! there needs to be the creampie section of the video though. It was missed out.

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