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Guy friend acting weird Guy friend acting weird It's hard enough to tell when a random person has a crush on you, but it can be even trickier when it's a close friend. But he's the hottest guy on campus, so I never took it seriously. Lately, however, he's been acting strange, avoiding my texts, and not really engaging in conversation with me like before. I noticed that he tends to do random stuff to get my attention. I just want the best for your new Friend as I am sure. I could have read the situation wrong but in the moment my feeling was omg he's jealous that I am hitting it off with his friend and is trying to get my attention back.
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Are You Crushing On a Boy/Girl?

Violence Most of the time, we try to avoid inflicting pain on others — when we do hurt someone, we typically experience guilt, remorse, or other feelings of distress. But for some, cruelty can be pleasurable, even exciting. New research suggests that this kind of everyday sadism is real and more common than we might think. Two studies led by psychological scientist Erin Buckels of the University of British Columbia revealed that people who score high on a measure of sadism seem to derive pleasure from behaviors that hurt others, and are even willing to expend extra effort to make someone else suffer.
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The way those emotions creep up and grab a hold of you without any heads up is almost unfair. And, even worse, fighting them is nearly impossible. When those emotions hit, the only option is to let them run their courses and pray to Aphrodite that your admirer reciprocates your feelings.

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