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Outlook Birth control pills are a popular and effective method of contraception. However, some factors, such as missing pill days, vomiting, and taking certain medications, can reduce the effectiveness of the pill and may result in unintended pregnancies. In this article, we look at how effective the birth control pill is, and five reasons why the pill might fail. We also give tips on how to prevent pill failure and describe some early signs of pregnancy. How effective is the pill?
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Women and Their Partners Trying to Become Pregnant

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Menopause: could I still get pregnant? | The Independent

Minus Related Pages CDC recommends precautions for women and their partners thinking about pregnancy to protect themselves from Zika around the time of pregnancy. Considerations for Couples Planning to Conceive and Planning to Travel to an Area with a Zika outbreak as indicated by red areas on the Zika map or Other Areas with Risk of Zika as indicated by purple areas on the Zika map If You are Traveling to an Area with a Zika Outbreak as indicated by red areas on the Zika map or Other Areas with Risk of Zika as indicated by purple areas on the Zika map CDC recommends couples trying to become pregnant work with their healthcare providers to carefully consider the risks and possible consequences of travel to areas with a Zika outbreak or other areas with risk of Zika. Consider waiting to get pregnant according to timeframes below. Decisions about pregnancy planning are personal and complex, and circumstances will vary for women and their partners. Women and their partners should discuss pregnancy planning with a trusted doctor or healthcare provider.
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My wife is pregnant after affair — and now wants me to pretend to be the dad

The withdrawal method, also known as pulling out or coitus interruptus works just like this: the guy pulls out his penis before he ejaculates. The idea is that not ejaculating inside the vagina will prevent pregnancy. There are plenty of other more reliable contraception methods out there!
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See other tags Tags 'I was getting sick all day when I was pregnant. However, between one in every and one in women suffer from severe vomiting, known as hyperemesis gravidarum HG , which can profoundly debilitate women. The condition got a lot of attention when Kate Middleton was expecting her first child. Her condition was so severe it resulted in her hospitalisation. However, some women have spoken about coming up against a battle for their illness to be taken seriously by the medical profession.

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