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This build is not confined to the gluteal regions, but extends to the outside and front of the thighs , and tapers to the knee producing a curvaceous figure. It has also been observed among the Andamanese people , such as the Onge tribe, in the Andaman Islands of the Indian Ocean. This genetic characteristic is prevalent among women but also occurs to a lesser degree in men. While the Khoisan afford the most noticeable examples of its development, it is by no means rare in other parts of Africa.
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The deposit of fat is not confined to the buttock regions, but extends to the outside and front of the thighs, forming a thick layer reaching sometimes to the knee. This is a widespread genetic trait of the Khoisan more commonly known as Bushmen. It is specially a female feature, but it occurs in a lesser degree at men too in most genetic variations of Homo sapiens, females tend to exhibit a greater propensity to fat tissue accumulation in the buttock region as compared with males. Khoisan see this as a beauty sign: it begins in infancy and is fully developed by the time of the first pregnancy. Steatopygia is often accompanied by the formation of elongated labia labia minora may extend as much as 4 inches 10 cm!
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Butt lifting , Kenya , Nigeria , South Africa , surgery , Tanzania A burgeoning African middle class with an affinity for spending and the explosion of social media are fueling the business of butt lifting across the continent, as women spend a fortune in search of voluptuous derrieres. It is an industry spawning creams, surgeries and padding, and it has now seen an unprecedented surge in the number of plastic surgeons and clinics across African countries to sate to this growing demand. Psychologist Dr. Anne Muheria says the wave of butt lifting being experienced in the continent is testament to the power the media, new and traditional, has had on women. Even the African film industry, key among them Nollywood , has totally embraced the act of glorifying women with big behinds as most likely attract men.

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