Why are twin flames such assholes

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Maybe it is the energy of this watery Cancer New Moon or the fact that it is my beloved's birthday or that I have eaten raw chocolate and feel inspired to write my butt off but I really want to talk to you about twin flames. I'm going to say something a little controversial and tell you that I DO believe it is important to find your twin flame in this life And maybe However they may not have shown up as you thought they would - riding in on their magic steed, with rippling muscles, rushing in to save the day and love you hard. It could have been more like meeting your mirror who ignites a fiery soul activation with in you. Maybe you were too busy to notice, or too wrapped up in your own world and not open when they came by
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Does Your Soulmate Act Like an Asshole?

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10 Reasons Why Having An Identical Twin Is Awful | Thought Catalog

Someone else has your face. Everyone else gets to have their own unique face, but I have to share mine with someone else. People treat you like a sideshow. They have the expectation that you balance each other out like twins do in fiction for instance, one is the smart one and one is the funny one; or one is the prissy one and one is the sporty one.
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[The Truth] Are Twin Flames Real?

From: Love Street, she lingers long on Love Street.. Registered: May posted August 08, AM This is one of those topics that can go in more than one forum, but hopefully it can stay in this one where there would be more interest, I think. Anyway, I found this on FB and thought I would share.
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Natalie Lang You are involved in them. You're actually probably involved in like Karmic contracts are our relationship teachers.

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