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January 30, Posted by Carissa Ropponen in Bodies Our menstrual culture is rooted in shaming of women as dirty and unclean. This is what the feminine hygiene industry plays off of to sell us products, presenting menstruation to us as a problem that needs to be dealt with discreetly. Since the topic of menstruation is so taboo, most information that is available to young women about menstruation is offered by the feminine hygiene industry, whose main objective is to market their products. In order to keep a market for their products they must perpetuate myths that menstruation is embarrassing and should be kept a dirty little secret. Extends and protects.
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I was mortified and confused. How could I have forgotten a tampon up there? I once forgot about a tampon for nine days. Yes, really.
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In many countries around the world, girls and women are ostracised, dehumanised, and humiliated for simply being female and menstruating once a month. This is particularly evident with females in developing countries who do not have access to the right education and resources to understand and cope with their periods. Consequently, this is affecting their education, work, and social aspects of their lives.
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I think you mean periods. Sometimes, all our period-based actions seem to be geared towards protecting men from being exposed to our evil menstruating ways. When was the last time you saw a woman at work stand up, take a tampon from her handbag in plain sight and walk across the office floor with it tucked behind her ear or twirling it between her fingers? Who's really suffering here: men or women?

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