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Dec 29 "I can't wait to feel you," he said, grinning widely as he prepared to enter me, condomless. He was handsome, cocky and Irish. Fresh out of a breakup and one-track minded, I told him I wanted to go home with him. Things heated up quickly.
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‘It’s Like A Trophy If You Have Sex With A Girl Without Using A Condom’

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I Had Sex With Condoms After Not Using Them For A Long Time, And Here's What I Learned

Puzzles No glove? The shocking study also found that men who rated themselves as good-looking were more likely to try and persuade their female partner not to use protection, despite the potential risks of doing so. The participants were also asked to rate how likely a woman was to have an STI. Although there was a link between how likely the woman was to have an STI and condom use, the lads said they were no less likely to get down and dirty with a woman just because she had an STI. The oldest participant was 61 and the youngest just More than half the blokes reckoned they were satisfied with their sex lives, and all said they were exclusively attracted to women — with the exception of one bi-sexual man.
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Using condoms correctly will prevent them breaking, leaking or slipping off during sex. Use only water-based or silicone lubricants, not oil-based. If you lose your erection the condom may slip. Holding the base of the condom will help it stay in place. If the condom does slip or break, withdraw immediately and use a new one.
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Condoms are thin pouches that keep sperm from getting into the vagina. There are male condoms and female condoms: A male condom is worn on the penis. It is usually made of latex, a type of rubber. But some are made of materials that are safe for people with latex allergies, such as polyurethane or polyisoprene.

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