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Ecstasy Gustav Machaty, Most of the scenes on this list are relatively recent, for what should be obvious reasons. In this erotic romance from , a pre-fame Hedy Lamarr plays a married but unsatisfied young woman who seeks solace in the arms of a strapping mechanic. In its day, Ecstasy was infamous enough for the print to be confiscated when it first arrived in the US. But what makes the scene itself so sexy are its intercut flash-forwards to the aftermath: the pulling on and straightening of clothes; the affectionate pats and glances that serve as echoes of the earlier lovemaking. In , a maid and former prostitute has a passionate affair with her married employer: they lose themselves in lust as the world around them prepares for war. But the one that tells you the film means business comes early on, when Sada Eiko Matsuda gives her lover Kichizo Tatsuya Fuji oral sex while he lies back, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette.
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James McAvoy chugged whiskey to prep for ‘Filth’

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These Are James McAvoy's 24 Different Personalities In 'Split' And 'Glass' - The Hook

Play video That, at least, is the way McAvoy tells the story of how he became an actor, sometimes with a scene on the early shift at Sainsbury's bakery or at the Navy recruitment office thrown in to emphasise that his life could have turned out differently. The anecdote is funny and true, but it leaves a lot out. He always knew he could act. By the time he was an adolescent, he was adept at trying on roles, in being whatever person he thought teachers, parents, friends and girls wanted him to be. Credit:John Baer At primary school, McAvoy was smaller than average, "very unpopular and pretty uncool" and often picked on. So in the summer holidays before secondary school, when he was 12, he decided to reinvent himself.
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Forget Amber Heard's London Fields: here are 11 of the greatest movie sex scenes

Now adults, but still emotionally scarred by the experiences of their youth, the members of the Losers' Club reunite in Derry, Maine, to stop the supernatural menance once and for all. Here are all the biggest, and most chilling, moments from the first look at director Andy Muschietti's upcoming sequel. Homecoming The trailer opens with an adult Beverly Marsh, portrayed by Jessica Chastain, returning to her childhood home, now occupied by an elderly woman. The kindly lady allows Beverly to revisit the house and reminisce in her old bedroom as she prepares tea. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.
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By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More. Directors might as well face it, they're addicted to love, even though including sex or nudity can complicate dreams of box office glory. They have to figure out how to depict romance in a way that's authentic enough to get the audience's hearts pounding, while keeping their movie in line with the notoriously prudish Motion Picture Association of America's MPAA mysterious guidelines. And then there's the whole business of filming the deed in the first place.

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