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This is a print version of story I fucked my girlfriends mom : by Guts from xHamster. My day started from 6am it was hot and I work as a Welder. We work to 12 to 14 hour shifts but did 12 got outta at 6pm and thought I call one of my girlfriends name Gina Oh and just so you know I have 3 girlfriends but shes my 1 anyways I wanted to see if she wanted to get together hangout at her pad she told me great idea baby just go to my house right aftet work and wait for me till 8pm theres leftover in the fridge case you get hungry love you! My girlfriend is the greatest outta all the girls Ive been with plus she wanted me there cause she wants to rest and cuddle and of course sex. I was like Awesome see you in a few I drive to her house and I let myself in with the spare key she gave me no one was home she only lived with her mom. I browse around the house and I see my girlfriend's mom room door open I was curious to see what was it like and it really nice this woman had class huge king size bed with silk sheets awesome scented candles on her night stand and a huge collection of highly expensive perfume and clothes and shoes this woman is Hella weathly as I'm just tripping out on every she has I see a beautiful picture of her in her wall I swear she looked like model shes a White mixed cuban woman thats 5'4 weighs about green eyes dark brown hair with perfect juicy lips nice double D's with nice thick legs and a perfect round ass.
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My Girlfriend's Mother

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My girlfriend's mom saw me naked - Sex and intimate stories

Having a good relationship with her mother may seem like a daunting task, but making it happen will result in all involved feeling happier and more at ease. Although you don't need to love her, try to build a peaceful relationship through a few simple steps; a happier girlfriend and girlfriend's mother means a happier life for you, as well. Step 1 Dress appropriately and suitable for your age. You need not always present yourself in a suit and tie, but avoid dirty workout clothes or mud-covered hunting gear. Choose a collared shirt or tuck in a casual shirt, even if you are just going over to your girlfriend's house for a simple dinner. Step 2 Treat her mother with respect by addressing her as "Miss," "Ms. Remember the rules you learned as a child about how to treat your own mother and use those as guidelines for how to treat your girlfriend's mother.
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girlfriends mom taking a shower, what a milf!

She is 37, long hair and slim. I had never really took any notice of ever before until last week when I was staying over and I seen her in her nightgown. She came out of the bathroom wearing it, it went as low as the middle of her thigh and opened up at the top showing off her cleavage.
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