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In the new documentary, UnHung Hero, he addresses his struggle. Source:Supplied Patrick Moote's penis is so small, his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal. The New York Post: Why did you decide to pursue this? The first people I go to are my friends. And I think it was a good distraction from what had happened to me.

Unhung Hero Eager to Satisfy Audiences Beyond The Climatic SXSW Reception

The Other Films: Unhung Hero (): Let Me (Not) Show You My Weakness

One of the best movies at SXSW Film Festival that few press people covered , but deserves to be seen by anyone who enjoys honest vulgarity and laughing was the humorous, comedic documentary Unhung Hero. Contagious laughter was sustained throughout the screening and numerous moments of applause errupted during my showing. Quite a few people in the audience gave it a standing ovation afterwards. The candid and humorous documentary asks the question: does size matter?

Does Size Really Matter? – An Interview With the Minds Behind Unhung Hero

When the dust settled days later, Patrick met up with the girl who crushed his heart to talk about their relationship. In fact, Moote, who is an actor and a standup comedian, decided to make a documentary on his situation and the somewhat taboo topic of penis size. Not that I want to make you relive the UCLA incident again, but can you just tell me a little bit about what was going on in your mind when you proposed to your girlfriend only to see her run out of the arena?
As one might expect, the subsequent video went viral and hit television networks worldwide. It was days after the heartbreaking rejection that Patrick's girlfriend revealed the truth of why she said "No" - Patrick's small penis size. Unhung Hero is a bold yet entertaining documentary that follows Patrick's real life journey as he weaves tremendously vulnerable introspection with social research and scientific exploration in seeking an answer to the fundamental question "Does size matter? Moote's journey begins with a serious search for legitimate size enhancers, a journey that takes him from the pills and pumps of U.

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