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Sunday, February 9, What Is the Firing Order on a Chevy Engine Car engine pistons stroke up and down with the spark plug firing once for every four strokes. Each spark plug fires at a different time, providing balanced power as the engine runs. Firing order describes the sequence the pistons fire in. Coil The coil provides the electrical energy to make a spark. It delivers the energy to the ignition control system, which on older vehicles is a mechanical device called a distributor.
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What is the firing order for a Ford Escort SE ? | Yahoo Answers

How to Test a Coil Pack On newer vehicles, a coil pack replaces the distributor. It is an electronically controlled pack of ignition coils regulated by the car's computer and is used to create the spark for each engine cylinder's spark plug. Generally speaking, coil packs are much more reliable than distributors, because there are no moving parts and because they fire much less often than a distributor. Coil packs usually create a better spark, which in turn produces better combustion and horsepower in a car's engine. How a Coil Pack Works When creating a spark at the spark plug, the fire must initiate from a high voltage supply, so as much fuel as possible burns in the cylinder.
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How to Tell if You Have a Faulty Coil Pack

Symptoms of a Wrong Firing Order by Chris Orr There are several steps in the firing of a cylinder in an internal combustion engine. With a piston starting at the top, the crankshaft pulls the piston down, opening the chamber for a mixture of fuel and air to be injected. In multi-cylinder engines this process repeats itself multiple times, delivering power to the crankshaft. Troubleshooting Firing Order A critical component of a functioning engine is the firing order of the cylinders.
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