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He loves them. He also likes Lon Chaney. We enjoyed it very much with our sausage and mash dinner, and fancied some more. A swift look into the cocktail cabinet revealed that there was no more red wine to be had, apart from Mogen David. My UK based readers will probably have no idea what Mogen David is. I had no idea either when I secured this cookbook from eBay that contains 3 celebrity recipes.
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This DVD boasts "Four rare films," which is inaccurate in a couple respects. One of the films isn't rare in the least, and two of the "films" are actually television programs. But they're certainly unusual enough items that fans of Chaney will be very interested in this double-sided quadruple feature. Man-fish is not, as the name might suggest, a genetics horror story, but an adventure story loosely based on Poe's The Gold Bug.
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Lon Chaney: Before the Thousand Faces seeks to expose three obscure silent films to the contemporary world, showcasing early stages of his silver screen career. Born to deaf parents, Chaney became adept at pantomime at an early age. Starting at 18, he traveled the vaudeville and theater circuits for eight years, eventually settling in California in with his wife Cleva and son Creighton who would grow up to be film star Lon Chaney Jr. He would turn to the budding film industry and much of the work he would do for the next few years are shrouded in mystery mainly due to so much of our silent film history being lost.
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This copy seems to have no gaps. Find out more at the IMDB. The video is interlaced in the MPEG2 file.

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