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Does anyone have a Beta machine, and where do you buy those Beta recording tapes? Sears sold all of us Beta machines, only to find out a month later, everyone was buying a machine which used VHS tapes. I can now record myself taking a shower on my cell phone, download it onto my computer and post it on YouTube, all while my morning coffee is brewing. Fax machines, a thing of the past. Boy, have times changed. Technology is alive and well in the good old US of A.
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I95 Asshole Song Lyrics

Dennis Leary actually had a whole ass hole song i think. About me. About you. The way our American hearts beat down in the bottom of our chests.
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Asshole (song)

The writer of lyrics is a lyricist. The words to an extended musical composition such as an opera are, however, usually known as a " libretto " and their writer, as a " librettist ". The meaning of lyrics can either be explicit or implicit. Some lyrics are abstract, almost unintelligible, and, in such cases, their explication emphasizes form , articulation , meter , and symmetry of expression. It first appeared in English in the midth century in reference, to the Earl of Surrey 's translations of Petrarch and to his own sonnets.
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About me, about you, about the way our American hearts beat way down in the bottom of our chests. About the special feeling we get in the cockles of our hearts, maybe below the cockles, maybe in the subcockle area. Maybe in the liver. Maybe in the kidneys. Maybe even in the colon, we don't know.

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