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While in Europe, filmmakers met with an The majority of the crew was Greek, required by an arrangement with the Greek government, although production notes indicated that the remaining crewmembers were from the U. Once in Greece, equipment was transported using mules. Production materials stated that most filming took place on the island of Santorini, with additional locations in Delos, Mykonos, and Crete. Production was allowed to shoot among the ruins in Delos, and at the actual Santorini excavation site of Akrotiri, instructed by a real archaeologist. Background actors were paid 1, drachmas per day, and actor Hans Van Tongeren was cast after Daryl Hannah recognized him on a Santorini street.
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Summer Lover

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I've written about the film here previously , but to recap briefly: the plot centers on Michael and Cathy Peter Gallagher and Daryl Hannah , a young American couple vacationing on Santorini, who enter into a summer-long menage a trois with Lina Valerie Quennessen , a French archaeologist working on the island. After having viewed the film for the umpteenth time via the new Blu-ray, I maintain that the film would have benefited from portraying a sexual relationship between the two women Daryl Hannah and Valerie Quennessen and concluding on a more subdued, realistic note than does the shiny, happy Pointer Sisters-fueled ending we currently have. All that said, the film remains a personal favorite of mine, an escapist treat that never ceases to raise my spirits, and which inspired me to travel to the Greek Isles on more than one occasion, including Santorini, the film's main location. Like a lot of films from its era, it has an earnestness and lack of irony that I love, but many will read today as "cheesy. But, he had to balance this narrative goal with the obligations of a major summer release. So, it is a light and bubbly film in most respects, with the kind of infectious, joyous pop music score and montage sequences expected from the filmmaker behind Grease. There are, however, undercurrents of sadness and mystery, mostly coming from the character of Lina and Valerie Quennessen's nuanced and moving portrayal of her.
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Vintage Cable Box: “Summer Lovers, 1982”

One afternoon Michael and Lina spend the day together and make love while Cathy takes the day to herself taking photos around the local village. Michael, being the luckiest guy in the world, gets two stunning women for the price of one, and their threesome extends on into the summer, where they do everything together. But as the summer draws to a close, Lina begins to distance herself from the couple, and the new dynamic of having Lina absent from the other two throws the lovers into a tailspin of melancholy and longing. Being summer lovers has its drawback, it seems … A beautiful and exotic Euro sex drama, Summer Lovers casts a tantalizing spell with gorgeous scenery, a lovely score by Basil Poledouris, extremely attractive and often nude leads, and a pulsating pop rock soundtrack by many top bands of the era.
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Now, at 46, she tells Garth Pearce, 'getting older has brought me peace of mind' Daryl Hannah says she can at last put the past to rest. It has haunted her: half-told stories of strange behaviour that made her sound in urgent need of psychiatric treatment. You can judge for yourself.

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