Ways to Increase Breast Size Fast

With modern beauty standards constantly changing and a lot of pressure to always look our best, one of the few things many of us have in common is a desire for larger breasts. There are many ways to increase breast size, some better than others. Whether you just want to build your confidence, or to really make your clothes pop, in this article we’re going to look at some of the fastest and safest ways to increase your bust.

Best Ways to Increase Breast Size Fast

Getting Your Diet Right

It sounds so simple, but eating healthily can not only make you feel better internally but also give you that extra size and firmness you’ve been looking for. We all know that estrogen helps develop our bodies; getting plant-based estrogen (phytoestrogen), is one of the quickest and healthiest ways to start increasing your size.

And the good news is that you don’t have to buy supplements! Phyto-estrogen comes naturally in foods like flaxseed, soybeans and of course soy milk.

Targeted Exercises

Almost all forms of exercise are good for you (as long as you do them right), and exercises to increase your breast size are no different. If you do the right exercises you can even increase firmness and shapeliness. By doing targeted breast exercises, you stimulate breast tissue production. Also, exercises that target the pectoral muscles will give your chest added rise.

Some of the most effective forms of exercise you can do to get extra breast size are push-ups, chest dips, and elbow extension exercises. All of these can be done at home and as long as you do them regularly, you’ll see a difference fast.


This really is one of the most natural ways to increase bust size. It works by stimulating breast tissue cells that are inactive and increasing positive blood flow. By giving yourself a gentle circular massage, the flow of blood to your breasts is increased, regular massage gives breast tissue cells that already exist the opportunity to activate.

Try using a natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil, which is not only good for your skin but will help decrease sagging and give your breast a smoother, more rounded feel. Be sure not to apply to much pressure to the massage as this can damage tissue cells.

The Herbal Route

Anything that promotes healthy tissue cell growth in your breast should be as natural as possible. Using herbal remedies is an age old method that really works is one of the best options to try.

Breast growth occurs most often during times of hormonal change, like pregnancy or when lactating; these changes are regulated by estrogen and progesterone. If you want a natural way to help your breast size grow, try using herbs that increase production of the two key hormones.

Estrogen and progesterone can be found in fenugreek, saw palmetto and blessed thistle. However, if these are a little hard to find, one of the most popular herbs, readily available is fennel. Fennel is very special because it contains flavinoids which give you a mild estrogen effect. And the best thing about fennel is that it makes a great, tasty cup of tea.